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Mako Robotic Arm TKR Day Five SETBACK

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What is your knee motion, flexion and extension (assisted or unassisted?). What helped me a lot was getting a knee glide device- well worth the $80 I spend and wish i would have had it from day one. In bed, I used a garbage bag to make the surface slippery and easier to slide on.
I am a PT (if that matters at all) and I have see swelling last a long time but what helps a lot is to watch the static standing, in place and it's important to continue to ice. I iced for many weeks after I returned to work and had this written in my return to work instructions. .
Don't be in too much of a rush to get rid of an assistive device- at 4 weeks I went to a cane for outside and still used a walker inside; when I went back to work, I used a cane for several weeks and gradually went off that. I took myself off the pain meds at 4 weeks to allow driving. Which ironically, my pain level wasn't any different (no worse, no better without the strong narcotics). For me, ice has been the best way to manage the pain.And I still use it 2 years later as still struggling with some pain.

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@dixiedog, I don't know my ROM numbers as they were not measured in the hospital. They will be for the first time tomorrow at PT so I can post then. I am pretty sure my numbers were better in the hospital than now as I was much more pumped full of drugs and didn't feel much. I do plan on taking a slow road to getting rid of the devices and slowly get off the meds. The biggest problem of course is constipation from the meds although I am managing some movement (not really movement at all). The laxatives have made me throw up twice in a row now so I will try something different. @ellerbracke the PT may also take my ace bandage off and check the wound so we'll see how that goes. I also am wondering if I'll be able to tell whether or not the painful nerve ablation helped me at all. Maybe next week I'll be able to tell!