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@amywood20 I had an ACDF at Mayo, and I asked that question, and they told me no turmeric because any anti-inflammatory can affect the healing of the fusion. Inflammation is a natural part of the process of healing because it lays down the matrix that the new bone will grow from as cells start creating bone, and you don't want to interfere with that. There are patients who don't fuse after surgery and have ongoing issues. You really have to ask your surgeon's team about everything. The best thing is just to accept that there will be pain and exhaustion after surgery, and that you need to rest and sleep a lot because your body is using your energy to heal. Relax as best you can and that will help. Stress will cause more pain, so be patient and take it one day at a time without expectations of a deadline when you think you should be recovered because everyone is different. I was able to avoid taking any pain meds after I left the hospital and it was tolerable. I didn't expect that. My pain before surgery from my spine problem was worse than the pain caused by the surgical path. At about 6 weeks post op, tissues tightened up because of healing and pain got a bit worse, but I was able to use my hand and stretch my skin to release the fascial tightness without moving my head or neck. I was in a neck brace 24/7 for 3 months because I had a fusion without hardware and needed to stay completely immobile until it fused. The anesthesia and pain meds really slow things down in your GI tract, and you have to watch that. Your surgical team can advise. I was also nauseated by the pain meds and they took the edge off but didn't eliminate the pain completely. I felt better without them. You will also accumulate phlegm in your lungs because of the anesthesia. That can turn into pneumonia if you can't get your chest cleared, so make sure you get up and walk. I also took l Mucinex after asking my surgeon's nurse which helped.

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