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Severe cold pain in legs

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@rappva13, I have similar symptoms with my feet and legs. My feet are always cold and numb. I've always thought that it was more to do with my small fiber peripheral neuropathy than anything else. I also had some swelling mostly in my right leg for an extended period of time a few years ago. I was diagnosed with lymphedema and started wearing compression socks so now I have cold legs and feet that are constantly being squeezed. In the summertime it's not too bad. My feet don't seem to feel as cold but in the wintertime it's a problem for me. Especially if I have to spend time outside moving snow. I found a little help wearing loose fitting wool or heavier socks over the compression socks. I also find that it helps to keep the feet and legs skin moist using a body moisturizer lotion. I think this is important because the small fiber nerves are close to the skin and if your skin gets really dry it can make it worse.

I've had numb feet for over 20+ years before I bothered to get it diagnosed, mainly because it was just numbness with no associated pain. You describe your pain/cold symptoms as coming and going which may be a good thing. Here's an article from Medical News Today that may provide some help:

Causes and remedies for cold feet

I can tell you that you are not alone and I'm sure other members on Connect share your symptoms. You mentioned that the pain is getting worse. Did the pain start in your feet and gradually go up into your legs?

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the pain started in my feet and has moved above the knee. I've tried compression socks I will have to try the socks over the compression socks. My feet and legs don't feel cold to the touch. The cold feeling is coming from the inside. But I will try your suggestions though.