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What makes something better?

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Hi Becky, thanks for picking up on the possibility that something may have happened.
I’ve tried to find out who responded to my post about my low Vit D with the link to the Mayo article about Hyperparathyroidism. That article was surprising and potentially alarming considering what has been going on with me and “ symptoms “
I sent 3 or 4 private messages and unless I’m missing something no one replied. I think that I tried posting in that first post, then wrote another one then I think I wrote this one which a copied and cut since it was once again too long.
Today I got very concerning news and it was so awkward getting the news. The news was there but it was like a Chinese box puzzle getting it fished out.
To the best of my knowledge the news was sent snail mail which I haven’t gotten yet. My throat is closing down so I have a rapidly vanishing voice. 2 plus years with symptoms dismissed for reason I do not know for sure but I do think my guesses are fairly accurate. I literally had one Doc tell me: “ you have too many symptoms. Pick one or two and we’ll work on them.
I also got a large envelope in the mail from the pain clinic who I was told was given the job to police my complaint “ in it are two copies of my medical records from that pain clinic. It basically told me what I already know but my complaint was that I just wanted to ask the P.A. assigned to me if she knew about the extremely low Vitamin D as a possible reason for my new killer back pain. She would not answer that question and they kept dismissing my question and insisting on making an appointment for a face to face. I said I would make arrangements for that face to face if she would just answer that one question so I can prepare records and email her info on how “lumps” or “ nodules “ were discovered on my thyroid and salivary glands while doing an MRI or my cervical spine. The had me return to the VA the next day for biopsies. They called back and said “ NO CANCER “ which always sound good. Today one of the social workers read the report and said that the lumps were called “ benign “. Interesting word because the lumps never went away and I think they grown bigger and more benign(er) over time so now I struggle to talk and to swallow often choking when I drink as fluids seem to “ go down the wrong pipe “ as my Grandma used to say.
The VA’s urgency factor has me scheduled for a CT on Dec 20.
What are the odds that I’ll need to go to the ER before then?

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@stuckonu I am very sorry for what you are going through, your frustration must be through the roof. I hope something can be resolved in your upcoming appointment and that you don’t have problems before that necessitating an ER visit. If the nodule is benign hopefully it can be removed without too much trauma.

@stuckonu– You are surely experiencing the worst of the VA. This just stinks for you at a time when you should be taken care of with some empathy at least. At least you have your Dec appointment. Are you able to be as straight forward with them as you are on Connect? I bet that you are.
II wish that I could say something that would make a difference to this horrible situation. If you need to go to the ER than go!

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