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I have had several drugs prescribed for anxiety over the years. I have taken exactly one pill of each, and had an awful side effect. The Buspar I tried caused an incident of uncontrolled rage. Fortunately I was alone at the time. With Lexipro, one pill caused horrible, bloody hallucinations and I did not sleep for four days. My cognitive function was pretty bad for a week. Welbutrin caused increased anxiety, as do antihistamines. I have two friends who had similar issues with anti anxiety meds–either vivid hallucinations or extreme personality changes including paranoia and anger. Drugs seem to cause more problems than they solve.

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Hi @mostlybill – just curious about for how long you tried the bupropion (Wellbutrin)? I'm asking cause I have been on it for years, and I recall that the start of it was a very bumpy ride. I had increased anxiety, too, and was pretty worried about that. I was close to telling my doctor I'd like another antidepressant when a pharmacist told me I'd need to give it quite a bit longer — I think 2-3 months for things to all level out and feel the maximum positive effect and less side effects from the medication. That proved to be true in my case, and things all leveled out in a couple or three months and it was really helpful for my depression.

Will you share more about what your experience with this medication was like?

I have issues with Anxiety meds … trying Buspar for almost 2 weeks … creates more anxiety.. told my Psychiatrist.. response just keep taking it .. takes about 6 weeks .. just can’t … I have had the testing … cannot take SSRI or SNRI…. yet they still push them … at my wits ends

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