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That is a good question. I went to a Pharmacist and explained my tapering information. I asked him if there was anything over the counter I could take in Between. He was very interested and perplexed. We went to the over-the-counter medications and he said the only thing he could think of was the B-Complex vitamins. I did not ask him about an actual drug for anxiety though. I am wondering what Physicians are going to do with patients with anxiety after they are off benzos. They don't seem to mention that. If you have anxiety, do they think it is just going to end? What is the plan? That is why I know I need Clonazepam and I am willing to cut the dose only. Unless, I am told that there is another non-benzo miracle drug out there. I also wonder, if the drug companies are still making benzos for patients, why do they have to taper off? I know there is a big thing about opioids. I think they get worried sometimes that we are going to sell them on the street! I am also on Adderall (which is considered a controlled substance). One day I went to the office to get my "official paper signed by the Physician" to pick up Adderall. They told me that I first had to do a urine test (out of the blue). I took it and it showed I had the correct amount of Adderall in my body. I told them, did they do this to make sure I was taking it and not selling it?" I believe that was the reason. I read that even if you sold a drug like Adderall, the buyer would have to take quite a few to get high. When I take it, I can't tell. I actually get calmer and of course focus better. My sister asked her Physician if she could try Adderall, because she thought she had the same diagnosis as me (ADHD). She tried it and said she got very hyper and felt like she was climbing the walls. I am actually surprised he gave it to her (Psychiatrist). I was put on it after my Psychiatrist tested me for ADHD. I then realized that I probably have always had this. I had a hard time when I was young following directions and somehow got through school by not reading book assignments. I still have a hard time sitting down to read (unless it is very short or a magazine). If this is the case with Adderall being a controlled substance, why aren't the benzos considered a "controlled substance"?

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@grandmaj5 There is a change coming in some states where benzos are being made a controlled substance. A few already do.
You state that you take a benzo and Adderall together. My former mental health clinic had a policy that benzos and Adderall were not to be prescribed together. As for replacements, someone on here stated their doctor was prescribing an antihistamine for anxiety as they make a person drowsy. For many like me a good ssri antidepressant works fine to control my anxiety.

I’ve mentioned in another thread that my psychiatrist cut Xanax dosage in half. That was three months ago. This past week at my appointment he said he wants me off of Xanax and ordered vistaril for anxiety and sleep. I dug back in my brain and remembered from nursing school that vistaril is used for hives/rashes/itching. It’s an antihistamine! Why can’t I try Benadryl instead of a Rx? Just wondering.

How does a doctor test for ADHD.
When I taught the doctors always asked us to gather behavioral data: time on task; time off task.
Some doctors would medicate from parents reporting.
There were often large discrepancies between teacher observations and parents’ (usually the mother) observations.

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