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Working with Neuropathy?

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I am in my early 60's and retired last year. My feet have hurt for well over a decade and I had been medicating in ever increasing amounts with T1's. After many failed attempts, I had given up on getting a diagnosis and/or treatment – but I quit smoking in April and piled on 20 pounds. I wanted to get out and do some walking but told my doctor that part of the reason I don't is because my feet hurt so much – and in fact – the pain had begun to wake me up in the middle of the night. He ordered a nerve conduction test – and here we are.

I also have something called Developmental Topographical Disorientation (DTD) – which means I get disoriented VERY easily. Because of that, I have spent the vast majority of my life in a very limited 'space' (mostly at home!) – so my life is not as outgoing as other's. I read, sew, spend time on the computer, and for exercise – do modified forms of yoga and pilates that will accommodate my arthritis.

Up until very recently, 300 mg of Gabapentin had eliminated the pain from my SFN – but a large dose of stress seems to have completely countered that as my foot pain is as bad now as it ever was. I will manage until I see my doctor in 3 weeks and will be asking for an increased amount of Gabapentin…

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Good morning @iceblue. Thank you for sharing your current health status. You have dealt with some pretty heavy challenges recently with your brother's passing and your mother's need for care. Do you think that those two stressors have had an effect on your increasing pain? Did you share them with your doctor?

Have you considered adding an anxiety medication like Cymbalta in the morning? I found that really helpful when my life partner was going through 7 weeks of radiation and then I flew home for the close on my mountain home of 20 years and emotional farewells to my village.

You introduced me to something, DTD. I think my friend Mikki has that….she can never find the way to her hairdresser and lives in a shrinking physical world. It does seem like more of our issues now have a clinical name and are treatable. The medical world is certainly changing.

Would you please share with me when you take the Gabapentin. A dose of 300 mg is about the minimum you can take. In my case, I have a reaction to that medication during the daytime. I increased my dose from 900 mg to 1200 mg at about 8:30 pm after the move. It reduces the SFN tingles and needles in my hands and helps with sleep. During the daytime, I prefer medical cannabis to manage the SFN symptoms. Are you using any topicals for your feet?

It is just great that you continue your exercise program. Do you start your day with a hot shower? That can feel very good. Check in with me…… I am right here.

May you be free of suffering. Chris

Hi, @iceblue – thanks for sharing about the developmental topographical disorientation (DTD). This abstract of a journal article published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences offers more information on this condition and a link to the full journal text, if you're interested https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/27450709/#. Sounds like this is a more newly described condition.

@iceblue – DTD would be a great topic of discussion in the Connect Brain & Nervous System group, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/brain-and-nerve-diseases/, if you'd consider starting it. I think others may also have this condition and benefit from finding support. Directions for starting a new discussion are found in the Get Started on Connect section at the bottom of every Connect page https://connect.mayoclinic.org/get-started-on-connect/.

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