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Severe Burning Pain after Knee Replacement

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I agree. I never had PT either, saw one for 5 min and had a book to take home. My concern is that you are having that level of pain and still needing to use a crutch seems not adequate given when surgery was. I agree to ask for PY referral and get your doctor to assess the pain.

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I was given 2 pages of exercises to do and I done them religiously. I returned to the VA twice complaining of the pain and was told it was part of the healing process. They discontinued my pain management when they began weaning all the vets off of pain meds. Now their pain management is PT. No help. This only aggravates it. I started to see a pain clinic on the outside about 6 mos. ago. They continued my regimen of pain med. but this only takes the edge off. I do not want to be on pain meds. the rest of my life. I want to find out the cause of this and remedy it. Finally got an MRI about a month ago and went to see an outside ortho doc. today. The only thing he could say was that the device was put in properly and my leg had the proper range of movement. He did say that maybe my system had rejected the device or maybe nerve damage. He ordered lab work for maybe an infection in my knee. So I wonder where I go from here.

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