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januaryjane (@januaryjane)

Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick

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Im getting burnt out on dealing everyday. On not knowing whats next in my care, or if i will ever have a more normal life again. Im either sad, sick or both. Usually both. They feed into eachother. Im just tired, i hate my birthday. Another year rolls around and i still have no solutions, other than a 7th opinion and option of surgery. Im feeling of losing fight. My life has become so limited.

Its a sloppy shuffle going through this. Not sure how ill end up winning

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1 Peter 5:7 casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. From the Bible

Dear @ januaryjane - I understand your feelings of being burnt out. You are so young! My daughter- close to your age/ has been going through a similar ordeal- she ended up at home with us- it’s not easy. Her father is somewhat similar to yours. Her main illness is gone but other autoimmune problems popped up- so it is still a struggle. She is working now- I think this has helped her moving forward and dealing with her health problems. She doesn’t have enough income to move out, which is my goal for her. I’m also dealing with chronic illness that has drained all energy- even now after I was cured - autoimmune illness of course. I see a therapist once a week. Do you have opportunity and funds for that?
May I ask what kind of surgery you might have?
Are you able to live independently? Somewhere with convenient public transportation to get everywhere you need to go. Have you applied for Disability? Maybe talking to the Social Services office to find out what services you are entitled to. I know you are tired, but you are the best spokesperson for yourself. Same with me. I would sit here and rot if I didn’t force myself out there. Write down your goals and deal with one at a time.

Don’t give up.
I felt the same way after my doctor appointment at Mayo,like why can’t they fix me! Or even just do something to help with the never ending pain.
But then I realized I have to fight even harder to make the doctors understand how it is in my body.
And I will go on.
We have family and friends who wouldn’t want us to just give up.
Keep on fighting JanuaryJane we all care and pray that answers will come for you.

@januaryjane @astaingegerdm and @martft4 both have excellent advice, having both gone through similar situations. You really must force yourself to get out and to advocate for yourself as difficult as that may be. I know how difficult that is because although problems I have had have been different from yours I have found that if I don't advocate for myself I get nowhere.

What type of surgery is suggested for you?