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Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick

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My daughter has been suffering digesting problems since her teens. She is 26 now. She too has had test after test that come back normal. She did have a surgery done on her intestines in her teens. Trying to figure out if what was going on then, is part of what is going on now. Or if the surgery triggered a different set of digestive disorders. She too has tried all different methods of trying to find relief. I am pretty sure she has an autoimmune problem and something going on that is rare and hard to diagnose. When she went through bouts of constipation one thing that did help were colonics (hydro colon therapy). They brought some relief for that part of her health problems. Right now she continues to go from doctor to doctor hoping someone will look outside the box instead of running the same tests. We know what she doesn't have! She too gets very depressed because she is just tired of feeling lousy all the time. It affects every aspect of her life. If it is an option, a place like Mayo clinic would probably be able to diagnose you. We are in the process of trying to get her seen there. I feel for you. Don't give up.

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Thank you so much for sharing your daughters story. I have never done a colonic but hear mixed things. Its good to know it brought her some relief. Did your daughter ever have Mono? You were referring to maybe an autoimmune disorder, and I think that may be my case. I never had problems with my bowels. The only significant thing that happened before this was getting Mono at 17. I had a very hard time, and now have had many reactivations of the ebstein-barr virus. Doesnt help that I have a close family history with autoimmune disorders. Anyway, Ive read that this virus can trigger autoimmune disorders. Not sure if thats the case for your daughter. Im still in the process of seeing rheumatologists and people who specialize in immunology.


I know exactly what your talking about.. I’ve been so sick since August and it doesn’t seem like the doctors to help me.. because I don’t fit in there text book..(but we can’t give up)
I’ve had a fundoliption 10yrs ago and it was great..I had some side affects... but now something is wrong.. acid is coming up.. I can eat a couple bites and it makes me fell sick..
I think it wld b better if I could throw up 🤢
I’m going nx wk to a new Gastroenterologist for some test.. really do like him..
My symptoms are: nausea after I eat or drink
We I drink sweet tea I start coughing.. then I. can hardly breathe..

But plz don’t gv up: your not alone!!!

Try looking into histamine intolerance - not the same as nasal allergies. I learned from a DNA test that I lacked the genes to digest histamine found in most foods. When I started following the diet for histamine intolerance, my sick days came a lot less. It didn't cure everything but it definitely helped. I suspect I have more than one issue.