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Pins and needles during exercise?

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Yes, my husband experiences the same thing. He works out 6-7 times a week. Very active. Right before he breaks a sweat his whole body experiences pins and needles that are very painful. His face and arms and whole body break out in white hives. The pins and needles stop as soon as a sweat breaks. We use the VA medical and they have no idea what is wrong with him. I’m desperate for a solution for him. He’s been on antihistamines which only make him sleepy. I just bought zendocrine from doterra thinking maybe it’s his body trying to rid the toxins it has accumulated… hasn’t worked. We eat clean and have gone vegan since he developed this. He’s had this the last three years. Tried all natural soaps etc… nothing.. We’re at a complete loss and feel hopeless..

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@stevenson Have you seen a neurologist or a dermatologist – I imagine you have. When I had poison oak the only thing that gave me relief was a hot shower. I gradually made the water hotter until I thought I must have emptied the water heater. Does he usually continue his exercise until he breaks a sweat? Has his doctor suggested an antihistamine that isn't drowsying? I take Claritin in the morning for that reason.


I know you said you eat clean, but does your husband drink coffee, caffeinated sodas or take supplements with caffeine? The reason I ask is because the exact thing used to happen to me while running or exercising hard. I would sweat, then break out in hives all over my body and they itched like crazy!!! Just as you thought, I also thought it was because of sweat toxins making contact with my skin.
However, no matter how clean I ate and how many cleanses I did it still happened. So then I decided no more caffeine. Which made me very sad because I loved drinking Diet Coke. But I stopped and have never had that problem again.
Just a thought, as different things work for different people because all our bodies are different. So if he does have caffeine he should give it a try to see if that helps.

Hello, were you ever able to figure this out? I also have the symptoms of needles on various places, especially head and face when I work out. Common denominator we have is I also have Veteran Affairs Health care, and they have no clue either. I also experienced hard time taking full breath, chest pains. Does he experience any other symptoms as well? Thanks, and best of luck tracking down the cause.