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Meditation for anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 28, 2020 | Replies (24)

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Do you find yourself holding your breath? I do!
Breathe! Breathe and say your favorite calming words: “I am enough.”
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”
“ I do not have to be perfect.”

This one is difficult for me, but I am working on it:
Exercise! Call a neighbor to walk, join a Yoga group, join any kind of group that you would enjoy!
Check programs at community centers, Senior Centers, Y’s.
You will find a level of exercise or a craft, activities, lectures that you will enjoy…and you will find people just like you!

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I can just relate to my own experience and well being.
Reovering from my symptoms of Lyme Diesase over the last year. The last Dr. I saw recomended Yoga or Tai Chi. I went to my local Y and they have programs just for all of us Seniors. In this case we are referred as "Silver Sneakers"! For the last six months I have a Silver Sneaker Yoga class I do twice a week. MARVALOUS! Helps with my breathing and flexability.
She also has a class I am just starting called Flexibility and Balance! Has taken me to the next step in my recovery to a normal life. It is also twice a week.
I can't Recomend enough to all of you Seniors! Just about everywhere in the country there is a Silver Sneaker Program. Most Medicare Advantage programs offer it!
I'm not a Gym Rat so going in was a little scary. But once you get into a Silver Sneaker Program you feel quite at home.
Unfortunately, most of my classes are 99% female! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY! Men need it more than the ladies.
My goal is to get back to a better physical shape than I have been in for the last year and a half.

Yes, Ellen, I often hold my breath because I have almost constant anxiety: knot in stomach, nauseous, feelings of doom. It’s horrible. Trying different meds, but meditation also seems logical. I’ll try anything.