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Meditation For Anxiety

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Thanks for the reply ginger
I’ve toyed with the idea of trying it again.. I used to love the way it made me feel after awhile of doing it ..and to your point, I’ve also wondered about other approaches. Like transcendental meditation.. the idea of keeping the brain busy with a mantra while the rest of the mind relaxes and recovers is intriguing.. but I’ve read that ppl think it’s evil etc.. I’m not the most religious person, I have my beliefs.. but I heard you had to get a mantra from a guru etc .. bah.. and ooommmm never really worked for me. I’m quite confused right now about religion to be honest.. as a family I talk to my kids about bedtime.. the power of intention etc..the wife also has her beliefs, but doesn’t practice, I also have a sister who is into other worldly things.. I don’t know.. my ocd makes it worse. I feel like I’m religiously confused lol..perhaps this is all tied in together somehow..

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@cp6401 There is always a lot to sort out when faced with a dilemma. Perhaps taking five minutes to sit quietly, listening to your breathing, emptying your mind, will help you relax. Years ago, someone told me that almost any activity can be considered a meditation, when done mindfully. Walking around the block, being "present" for example, or drawing a picture/doodle and losing yourself in it. Be gentle on yourself; be patient and it will be clear when you're ready. I hope you will find what works for you, and let us know.

I stopped meditating as it made my anxiety worse.

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