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@seacliff , I also wanted to add that you are your child's best advocate. I am not saying this because I think there is a health concern that your child is not walking yet, only that I have learned this lesson the hard way to be on the cautious side. I had concerns about my son's symptoms before he became quite ill, and his primary physician did not think anything of it because USUALLY those symptoms are not worrisome. If you truly think something is going on and no one is taking you seriously, keep looking for someone who will. My son was in the PICU by the time his GI appointment rolled around…

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@kristap31 – You were very helpful back in November speaking to an anxious parent about developmental delay – some very sound advice. I would like to check in on you now to see how you and your son are doing.He must be 2+ years old now. I don't know your son's medical history, but hope things are stable. You are right in that the parent is the child's best advocate. The parent knows their child and you do develop a gut feeling for what is not normal. I would appreciate it very much if you post again- you don't have to have problems to contact us. We welcome any thoughts or concerns you may have for years to come!