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Sick daughter goes undiagnosed

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Hello, she is on an ACA policy and it does not cover anything at Mayo. We actually spoke to the insurance company as well as someone from billing at Mayo and they confirmed that. She is going to try to see if she would qualify for financial assistance at Mayo. They do have a program she can apply to. Right now she only works part time because of her health problems so I think her income level would certainly be low enough. I agree, she needs an exceptional diagnostician. Hopefully she can qualify for help at Mayo, because she really doesn't have any other options at this point. The amount of doctors she has seen is unbelievable. We know what she doesn't have! She was in the ER earlier this week. She is considering going back again to see if maybe some other tests could be run. The ones they ran ruled out ovarian cysts and endometriosis which is what a different doctor she had been seeing thought was the problem, as well as the ER doctor who treated her. Once they ruled that out, she was sent home with anti nausea and pain medication. She was hoping for some sort of answer. They suggested a GI doctor. She saw two from her current insurance and they didn't really listen to her nor did they want to run any new tests. One told her that the "so called" surgery she had when she was a teenager would never have been done laparoscopic. He didn't listen to anything she said. Her insurance did not want to approve more GI consults. So here we are.

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@ghennel here is a link from US News and World Reports for the best regional hospitals in AZ. Maybe if Mayo does not come through for her one of these hospitals could. Mayo is the only hospital in AZ with a National rating. I hope that Mayo does come through though, I think they are the best available for something as complex as what your daughter is going through.