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ghennel (@ghennel)

Sick daughter goes undiagnosed

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Hi @ghennel I'd like to join @becsbuddy in welcoming you to Connect. That must be so gut-wrenching to see your daughter struggle so much and find no answers.

Here is a link to another discussion that you may find helpful within the Autoimmune Diseases (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/autoimmune-diseases/) group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/undiagnosed-and-dont-know-where-to-go-next/

In addition here is a discussion in the Chronic Pain group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/pain/) that may be helpful as well: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/has-anyone-been-diagnosed-with-abdominal-wall-pain/

Lastly, I thought that @contentandwell and @yrose have experience with searching for a diagnosis and may be able to offer their support.

Back to you @ghennel, has your daughter been given any diet guidance to try and help with symptoms? Additionally, how are you handling all of this? Are you finding the support you need while you try to help her?

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Thank you for the additional groups. I will definitely try posting there.

My daughter, Shannon, has been given some diet guidance and it has helped a bit. She is unable to put weight on and keep it on. She has had 4 CAT scans, an MRI, endoscopy, ultrasounds,loads of blood work and more ER visits than I can count over the years. When they can't pinpoint anything specific they prescribe an anti nausea and pain medications and send her on her way. She opts not to go down the path of pain medication reliance and the pain meds end up causing digestive upset anyways. They know something is off, but no one has dug far enough to figure out where this is all coming from. This started in her teens.

As far as I go, I worry about her every day and am constantly on the search for answers. It makes no sense to me how so many doctors know something is wrong, but no one goes the extra mile to figure it out. It has to be something outside the normal list of disorders. Part of the problem is insurance as well and the limit of quality care she can actually seek out. She is barely holding a part time job because she is exhausted and tells me that she thinks she is just going to feel like garbage her entire life. She is starting to give up hope she will ever be helped. She is 26, I can't accept that for her. So am I okay? No, not really. I am sad that I as her mother, can't fix this for her or at the very least get some answers so she can manage her health problems. It is hard to manage an illness when you don't know what it is.

Thank you for your time,