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For whatever reason, my seizures stopped in 2011. I have no idea why. Just very grateful they did after 44 years, except when I forgot my medicine Aug 22nd. I take Carbatrol and Phenobarbital. Doctors seldom prescribe Phenobarbital but I think it's a very effective drug. I told a man's fiancee in Africa to ask his doctor about it. He's on it now and has been seizure-free for about 6 months. Am I in trouble for suggesting that? It came out in 1912, it's been studied over 100 years and there are side effects especially for children but wait till these new drugs have been studied that long. I'd love to be around at the end of the century to see how popular some of these newer drugs will be used. They already suspect that Benzodiazepines may cause Alzheimer's.

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Yes, I think so, Phenobarbital is a very effective drugs. Can he stop taking it since he has been free from seizures for the past few months now? Or is it something he will continue taking through out his life time?…

Benzodiazepines are evil, horrible. Old neuro put my daughter on them and now weaning will take years on top of the damage it has already done. You have to wonder if they avoid pheno because it’s old and no money to be made by big pharma. Just saying 😉