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100% blocked artery

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@capper- Back in 2014 I had a HA which came out of nowhere. I was working out 3x a week and still working. I came home from a typical workout ready to cleanup, eat a late lunch and head back to work. I started feeling somewhat faint and then all the typical side effects with pain radiating down my left arm and then across my chest. Even though I would say I was certain I was having a HA that seemed so far fetched that my wife & I decided to take the 20 mim. drive
up to the ER to get checked out. Bad idea! Halfway up there my pain was at a high 10 and I felt very sick. After getting admitted, I was given several typical tests and for some strange reason I was not registering as though I was having a HA. The ER Dr. told my wife they would admit me and schedule a stress test in the morning. My wife headed home to grab a few things and meanwhile a Echo Tech came in and got started and about 10 min. in walked out of the room and returned with the Cardiologist. Things moved along swiftly from that point. Within the next hr. I had 1 stent placed in my LAD (left anterior descending artery). I was told I was very fortunate because although I was in very good shape I had just had what they called "The Widow Maker" with 100% blockage in my LAD.
I would highly recommend a stress echo because they are far more conclusive of blocked arteries. Don't Delay on this @capper! Jim @thankful

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I was told that capillaries had grown around my clogged artery and they supplied enough blood to prevent HA. I had been on weight loss for 15 months and lost 100 pounds with diet and long walks uphill.