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I get my cinnamon from a wholesale place because my daughter knew them but it is a large quantity and I don't know how long it will stay "good" but I certainly love the flavor. Congratulations on the 5.8 test. I spend too much time on the computer when I should be exercising, but running the sewing machine is more fun. I am still interested in finding another doctor but it is risky when you are on Medicare. Others doctors may not accept you as a patient in this area. I am skipping my suggested next appointment in December because my blood pressure is better and I think I should be working on weight loss rather than taking more pills. I must say I enjoy the suggestions and support from this group, and it makes me thankful at Thanksgiving. Dorisena

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@dorisena. I am amazed at that 5.8 A1c. Due to my accident in July I exercised very little and being stuck in the house I ate too much, admittedly much of it not healthy snacks.
I asked my doctor about reversing diabetes and he said that ALL diabetes has a genetic component. The fact that no one else in my family was ever diabetic would indicate that I had a “weak” diabetes gene. I was heavier than anyone else in my family had ever been, so that could have brought it on. Overall I lost @90 pounds (right now it’s more like 84) so I did lose a very significant amount of weight.
With any other doctor I would probably question what he said but not only is he a five-star doctor on all of the rating sites, but he is very highly regarded by every other doctor I know.
For me, I believe that Ceylon cinnamon is a better choice, healthwise – I did some googling after reading something about cinnamons in a health newsletter. I will probably buy some of the more aromatic cinnamon for holiday cooking.