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Thanks for all the information!!! Looks like I'll continue doing what I'm doing and try to get the nutrients I need from my food intake instead of pills. I'm looking forward to the "new" fruits coming in. Grapefruit, oranges, etc. just for a change of pace. Yes, I know they are high in sugar but when eaten with a protein they are better for you than the "chocolate cake" I crave. Come to think of it, I really don't crave the cake anymore!! lol. It's an early winter in Iowa and I'm not looking forward to a long winter. Have started exercising indoors. Try to do 30 minutes/day plus chair exercises. My husband is finished with harvest so I can go back to menu planning which helps tremendously with cooking healthy. I'm so glad that my husband is willing to eat anything that I fix. He's actually lost a few pounds as well. It's frustrating having to cook ALL the time when our friends go out to eat most of the time. As far as my doctor goes….a once a year visit is enough for me. That my insurance will cover…at least most of it. Until I'm 65 I'm pretty well stuck. If I could find a doctor that would work with me and listen to what I have to say, I'd go more often. Right now, I probably know more about diabetes that my doctor does. I get MORE help from this site than any doctor that I see. I will keep track of my numbers and have my blood tests which are important. I have to keep costs down so will find a less expensive route to take. I always update the doctor with my numbers when I have tests taken. Thanks to all of you for your great suggestions!!!

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Kateia, it is terrific to have a friend on the farm who lives as I used to, until I became a widow and rented the farm to the neighbors. I do most all my cooking and only go out when I can get a friend or family member to socialize. My sons previously did the farming, so I cooked meals for six, including the hired man who was a family member, and also the extra help at planting and harvest. Now I make a pot of soup and freeze it in small portions and have it handy on days my joints don't want to do much. I refuse to leave the farm or this big house, so taking care of the place becomes my exercise plan, as much as I am able. Actually, I have a good life for my age.