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Bobbie Randall, who is a certified dietitian and diabetic educator from Wooster, Ohio, writes in our local paper that weather fluctuations can have a negative effect on the body's ability to produce and use insulin. She also promotes washing hands to prevent disease and take additional vitamin D3. Do not skip meals, she says, and don't gain weight in the winter. And she recommends drinking lots of water.
Exercise indoors when it is cold. Stock up on soup, sugar-free cough drops and yogurt. I have read her columns for quite a while and think she is helpful and practical. She says to walk your dog, and if you don't have a dog, walk your dog anyway. Good humor.

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Thanks for all the information!!! Looks like I'll continue doing what I'm doing and try to get the nutrients I need from my food intake instead of pills. I'm looking forward to the "new" fruits coming in. Grapefruit, oranges, etc. just for a change of pace. Yes, I know they are high in sugar but when eaten with a protein they are better for you than the "chocolate cake" I crave. Come to think of it, I really don't crave the cake anymore!! lol. It's an early winter in Iowa and I'm not looking forward to a long winter. Have started exercising indoors. Try to do 30 minutes/day plus chair exercises. My husband is finished with harvest so I can go back to menu planning which helps tremendously with cooking healthy. I'm so glad that my husband is willing to eat anything that I fix. He's actually lost a few pounds as well. It's frustrating having to cook ALL the time when our friends go out to eat most of the time. As far as my doctor goes….a once a year visit is enough for me. That my insurance will cover…at least most of it. Until I'm 65 I'm pretty well stuck. If I could find a doctor that would work with me and listen to what I have to say, I'd go more often. Right now, I probably know more about diabetes that my doctor does. I get MORE help from this site than any doctor that I see. I will keep track of my numbers and have my blood tests which are important. I have to keep costs down so will find a less expensive route to take. I always update the doctor with my numbers when I have tests taken. Thanks to all of you for your great suggestions!!!