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Thanks for the into. Looks like we need to study more. My doctor says my blood tests are fine, or not. So I get a copy and study the details if I can process it all. After all, I am the cook, and it is important that I plan the correct foods for my body. It is good that I like to cook fresh foods. My friends at my age don't cook much anymore, that that is not a good idea if they wish to remain healthy. I avoid food in boxes. Sure, it uses up my time when I would like to be sewing or playing the piano, but if I don't eat well for my needs, I won't feel like sewing or playing the piano, or anything else. Today I sneaked a nap. Dorisena

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Bobbie Randall, who is a certified dietitian and diabetic educator from Wooster, Ohio, writes in our local paper that weather fluctuations can have a negative effect on the body's ability to produce and use insulin. She also promotes washing hands to prevent disease and take additional vitamin D3. Do not skip meals, she says, and don't gain weight in the winter. And she recommends drinking lots of water.
Exercise indoors when it is cold. Stock up on soup, sugar-free cough drops and yogurt. I have read her columns for quite a while and think she is helpful and practical. She says to walk your dog, and if you don't have a dog, walk your dog anyway. Good humor.