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I have read about the latest supplements but not tried much of them. My Endocrinologist keeps recommending Vitamin D even in the winter when I can't get much sun unless I go to Florida. Calcium is also important if you don't eat much dairy. The most common recommendations are cinnamon on your oatmeal, which I buy the expensive stuff from Vietnam because it is supposed to be better. I also put it on my no-sugar applesauce. If your AIC stays that low, congratulations and you have no worries about diabetes, I think, if you follow a low carb diet and exercise and feel very good. For other supplements, I look at my blood tests and see if the report shows anything low or too high, and go by that report. I keep copies of my blood tests at home so I can check my diet and stay as balanced as possible. I don't worry about supplements for diabetes because I don't think they produce any miracles for keeping blood sugar levels normal. My motto is that pills are not necessarily the solution. It is the diet and exercise and stress control that makes for success. Boy, I still miss those cinnamon rolls with butter in the morning, but they are not part of my life anymore. My granddaughter is planning to have ice cream at her wedding reception and I am looking forward to that next summer. Try to think about having normal health now and not being diseased. And don't go back to your old ways of eating. I am missing the fresh tomatoes already this winter. Congratulation on your tremendous success and keep up the good work. Dorisena

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@dorisena I too put cinnamon on my oatmeal and mix it into my yogurt. I use Ceylon cinnamon which is difficult to find except on amazon and in Whole Foods — the price at Amazon just got reduced too. Ceylon cinnamon is called “true cinnamon”. It is milder tasting than other cinnamons so you can use more. The other cinnamons can be harmful in large quantities, particularly to the liver. My sister puts cinnamon in her coffee too.

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist on Monday. I asked him about cinnamon and he felt that the amount you would need to make a difference would be considerably more than most people could possibly use. He is an extremely well regarded doctor but I’m not sure I agree with him on this. I have been using quite a bit of the Ceylon cinnamon and my A1c was 5.8 despite not following a low carb diet very well. I guess it is possible that I “reversed” my diabetes since I have lost a very considerable amount of weight.