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Back pain between shoulder blades

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@davidadams123 Welcome to Mayo Connect. We are here to help each other with support and experiences. We are patients, caregivers, family members, but we are not medical professional who can diagnose or give advice. That must have been quite a surprise to have this sudden pain! Sometimes I have had a similar experience when I turn or twist the wrong way, and a muscle complains. When you say "it hurts to breathe and everything", is it taking any kind of a breath or just a deep breath? Were you uncomfortable resting last night afterward? If you can tolerate NSAIDS, did you take anything last night or this morning, and if so, did it alleviate the discomfort at all? Have you tried a heating pad or ice pack? Topical pain lotion? I realize this seems like a laundry list of questions, but I am tossing out many options. You might have tweaked a muscle and if so, it takes a bit of time for it to return to normal. Are you dealing with any other physical issue right now that might be interfering with your experience from last night?
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Any kind of breath. And yes I’ve taken ibuprofen. I should alert you I am 14 and in 9th grade.