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How are you doing? Are things getting better for you?

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Hi @sears I'm doing very well thanks. I guess I'm pretty lucky although I took 1-1.5 mg and once in a while 2mg for well over twenty years I haven't had any side effects yet tapering. It's easy to break 1 mg tablets in half and quarters with a Walgreens pill splitter the in between sizes I just file some off with a finger nail file. If you can get your dr. to write a lower dose generic alprazolam for you the price isn't that high cash price no insurance. Maybe get feeling better and start a slow taper. I also read that vigorous exercise is good for building Gabba in the brain so it helps lessen the effects of reducing your intake. I am up to doing about 180-200 minutes a week. trying to get my heart rate up to around 80% of max. Maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. If you can't do it just start by doing what you can I am absolutely certain it helps the way I feel big-time. I do mine on a treadmill 3.5 degree incline 3.4 mph.Hope this helps in some way and I wish you all the best