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I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I live two blocks from the Kansas stateline so I have easy access to both states. Kansas is a wealthy state with lots and lots of doctors. It took me months and a lot of mental anguish trying to find a doctor to help me taper after I was abandoned by my Physchiatrist of 25 years when telling him I wanted to taper Xanax. I almost had a complete breakdown. I wound up in the hospital for almost 3 days. Couldn’t sleep , couldn’t eat. I was in shock my doctor dumped me and trying to find another doctor to help was a nightmare. He gave me a 30 day script for the Xanax I had been taking for 25 years and refused to take my calls. Yep! This is what they do to you!

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So Sad to hear! My thoughts and Blessings go out to you!
Since a couple of years ago when my wife had a stroke and Massive infection in a coma for two weeks I have taken the attitude that they work for me. If they don't perform to my expectations, I FIRE them to their face! Then go to the head of the dept.!
I'm just fed up with their BS!!

How horrible of your Doctor! And why on earth would he not like you tapering off a benzo? Very bizarre. You deserve a much better Psychiatrist!!! Don't panic. Thirty days is usually more than enough time to find a good, ethical one! I'd just go on Yelp or Google for patients' comments and ratings of each one in your area. Many hospitals will list their participating Doctor's & Specialists and provide patient feedback and ratings of each Doctor. Good luck to you. Certainly you deserve better treatment overall in a Psychiatrist!❤️