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Did they give you a copy of “the national guidelines”?

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@helenfrances Hi, I somehow missed your question. They dd not give me "The National Guidelines". I was actually on the phone when I was told this. I told her that I would look it up. I tried to look up "National Guidelines" and I didn't see anything called that. There were other things that were somewhat similar, but different names. Today, I did find something, but can't remember the name. I am going to re-look that one up and share it.

@helenfrances I found this site https://www.benzoinfo.com. It is a site called Benzodiazepine Information Collation. There is a lot of information. Not sure if anyone else already posted this site. It looks interesting. I just skimmed over it, but I'm going to check it out.

Hi again @helenfrances. I looked at the site again and maybe that isn't the same one I saw before. It sounds like this one is more about stopping benzodiazepines. Maybe you can see what you think.

@helenfrances Hi, I have a feeling that the "Supervisor" I spoke with about the office just said "National Guidelines" I have been looking for a while trying to find something like the name. I don't think she even knows and wanted to sound smart. I should have asked her more about it, or gotten an email. I did look up FDA, but they seem more interested in opioids and opioids combined with other drugs. There are sights for tapering Benzos, which are very good, but I don't think they are Government or National. Something will come up. There is the Ashton Manual.