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Hi Ellen, When I called to make my appointment, they said you cannot see the NP Psychiatrist unless you taper off your clonazepam. I told her I would think about it and call back. I waited and called back, because there was no one else to see at the clinic. This NP Psychiatrist can't see me until May 2020 (I already mentioned that somewhere else). I called the clinic today (they never called me yesterday) to complain about all of the miscommunication. Yesterday and today I asked for the manager. Today, they put me through to the supervisor, but they didn't tell me it was the supervisor. I told her about the quick taper; that I got very sick from doing this. No one ever called me back after I called when I wasn't doing well. I told her about the Ashton Method of Tapering. The person that answered the phone yesterday, made me feel like a liar, when I told her about the 3-week tapering. I had it written down, as it was told to me by a nurse. She asked who the nurse was; I didn't know. She said no one would have given me a 3-week taper. After that, I found the nurse's name, so today, when I spoke the supervisor, I told her the name. I explained everything to the supervisor. I told her I don't feel like I am being taken care of. I said that I am a customer too. She said for the tapering, they follow the suggestions of the National Guidelines. I told her I am going to look it up. I cannot believe that when a patient calls (I'm sure not everyone) they get fluffed off. They make you feel like you did something wrong. They also don't have any empathy, instead, it is like an argument. I told her that if she felt like I did during the 3-week taper for just 1 minute, she would understand. I have such a hard time when I come across situations like this. It is a waste of time and nobody cares (some do). I would never treat a person like that. I would listen and speak in an understanding voice, and take care of the patient's complaint. I also told her that I was her, I would go above and beyond to help. I am just tapering myself because I got so sick.

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The national guidelines are too short. You have to do the taper at YOUR pace not doctors pace. It could take months it could take a year or more. Everyone is so different. I pray you find someone to listen to you. Let us know.

Why are they quick to prescribe but slow to make recommendations about stopping a pharmaceutical?...... and they refer you to another doctor whom you cannot see see for three months!!

Did they give you a copy of “the national guidelines”?