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They may not have known many many years ago. True. But they have known for a very long time. The problem is that most don’t want to get involved in the tapering process. It can be very hard for some people and require a lot of their time getting patients through the process if done correctly. So they just leave you on. It was my idea to taper, which was when I was basically abandoned by my doctor.

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Prescribe but have no plan for us to stop taking a drug that causes dependence! !

I asked my resident nephew to call the doctor. The doctor told me that my nephew had very good ideas!

I am 65. Have taken 10mgs of zanex for 20yrs. The VA just quit prescribing benzos so they just stopped. No tapering NOTTA. I had a seizure. Really thought I was gonna die. Now it has been 5 months. My muscles.are twitching. I feel terrible. Feels like electricity flowing through my veins. The least sound makes me jump(never had a high startle response).HELP!

I too asked my Doctor last year (2021) if I could start tapering off Clonazepam which he prescribed to me nearly 6 years ago. I have Anxiety issues and OCD. When I asked him about tapering he scolded me. This Benzo (Clonazepam) is making me feel "dull" and causing memory impairment. I tried tapering myself but have relapsed, only to start the medication again. I feel at a loss to try again. Leah09

Yes, that happened with my doctor, too.