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Do NOT try to do this in 3 weeks. Can you find another doctor? My doctor will be using the Ashton Method of tapering. Please google this and show it to your doctor. It can take months or years to safely taper a benzo. I’m still very nervous and anxious about tapering even though my new doctor says he’ll work with me as long as it takes.

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Thanks for telling me about the Ashton Method of tapering. I haven't looked it up yet, as I just read your blog. I am almost thinking about cancelling my appointment with the NP Psychiatry. I haven't even seen her yet. No one asked me how long I have been on Clonazepam. My Internist doesn't understand either and is going along with the NP Psychiatrist (since she has to bridge my medications until May). Actually, the NP Psychiatrist was supposed to call me back 2 days ago and she never did. I feel that I must really need this medication, due to my psychological/physical problems. I am also on disability due to my problems. I think my body is used to it but also must need it. I don't think to myself, "I can't wait to take it". I do not like this new Benzo rule from the FDA. Physicians seem scared about this and are now telling patients to get off their Benzo medication. They are afraid you are going to sell it on the streets. One time, I had to do a urine test to make sure I was taking my Adderall and not selling it. I asked a Pharmacist what I can take to help me get off Clonazepam. He told me to take a super B complex. He was perplexed though, because I have ADHD and anxiety. People ask me how I can take Adderall and Clonazepam together; they think each drug will cancel the other out. It is something my Psychiatrist did about 10 years ago. There must have been a reason for doing this. I am wondering (or I know) if some Physicians & Psychiatrists need more information on tapering or take a class about tapering. I am losing trust in Physicians. They cannot treat every patient the same with tapering. I think I know my body better and I can tell exactly what this is doing to me. It is actually a cruel thing to do to a patient. They don't seem to care, call you to see how you are doing, or have you come in for regular appointments. It is nice that your doctor says he'll work with you as long as it takes. I wish I could find someone like that. I am sorry, but I cannot say anything positive about tapering Benzos. I also think that if you do not obey the Physician's way of tapering, they will get mad at you or dump you.

My prescribing physician NEVER mentioned the Ashton Manual… he told me to decrease the pills from [4 a day to 2 tablets a day… to one a day ..[2 halves].referred me to a neurologist who referred me to a psychiatrist who cannot see me for months!

I'd feel pretty confident with the Ashton Method. Her method is really based on "it's better to be safe than sorry". She did (so sad she passed, but what a legacy she left!) 5-10%, that can actually be slow to some organisms. If your doc will move you to diazepam, you should be even more confident, cause if you feel something adverse, it will be mild. I reduced quite slowly, but I was using clonazepam itself, and as a "semi-young" very anxious person I refused to go the extra mile and stopped tapering at 1mg. I might even go up to 1.5mg.
I wish you all the best getting clean! 🙂 And you'll make it at your own pace. Peace!
PS @grandmaj5 – 3 weeks is borderline criminal imho.