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I have been on 3 mg a day of clonazepam for about 8+ years. I had to find a new Psychiatrist. It took so long to find one. I can get into a NP Psychiatry in May 2020. When I called her office, she told the receptionist that she wouldn't see me until I got off clonazepam. She gave me a tapering dose for 3 weeks. I feel that this tapering is for everyone. I tried the tapering and kept getting worse. I got so bad that my heart was going fast. I was unable to do anything. I could only go to bed. I feel like a Zombie. This is happening right now, so last night I started up clonazepam again (taking 1.5 mg daily) to get through the holidays. I believe that my tapering was incorrect. I have not met or talked to the NP Psychiatric. I am not sure that she knows how many years I have been on clonazepam. I get anxiety attacks, have anxiety, have PTSD, depression, and ADHD. I believe I should call her back, but because she said she can't see me in May until I am off clonazepam, I am afraid she will not give me a proper tapering schedule and not see me. I only have so many pills left, so I have to be careful. My primary care physician just gave me a prescription of clonazepam of 50, 1 mg pills. At this time, I am unable to function. I feel I am living a nightmare. I feel extremely irritated. I feel bad for my husband. I am trying to fake my way through these feelings. I read that clonazepam is worse to taper off than opioids. I believe that a pharmacist would know more about tapering. I really do not know what to do. I am worried that the NP Psychiatry will not understand me (which she should). I don't know if I should contact her office or my Internist first. The reason I am saying this is because I have never met or spoke with the NP. I cannot believe that some medical practitioners cannot properly taper clonazepam. I have been studying this on the internet and I believe it should take more than 3 weeks for me to discontinue. I have been wondering if practitioners have been fully trained in tapering clonazepam differently for each individual. There is no way I can do this in 3 weeks. I have never felt so awful. I wish they could experience this feeling for just a minute. I am having company for Thanksgiving and then a birthday party. I started out preparing; now I cannot do anything. I am very scared that this will not work out. I am actually very lost. I am also afraid of what my Internist and NP Psychiatry will tell me. I was thinking of asking a Pharmacist first to get an idea. Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you.

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Do NOT try to do this in 3 weeks. Can you find another doctor? My doctor will be using the Ashton Method of tapering. Please google this and show it to your doctor. It can take months or years to safely taper a benzo. I’m still very nervous and anxious about tapering even though my new doctor says he’ll work with me as long as it takes.

It sounds like the tapering has been rough thus far, @grandmaj5.

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Pharmacists would be a good resource related to tapering questions.

Another discussion you might be interested in on Connect is this one on Klonopin (Clonazepam) tapering https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/klonopin-taper/.

Whoa! How could the nurse practitioner not see you because on clonazepam and then give you a 3 week taper schedule and not see you frequently??????? Bad medicine

Perhaps seek referral to a neurologist?. I too take 3 mg Klonopin down from 4mg beginning Oct 1, 2019. Also consider filing a complaint to any pertinent organization. I am not a doctor so just opinion advice. Most important is find ANY md, pa, or NP who will prescript. A visit to the the ER maybe your last resort? Taper should generally be 5 to 10% over a period which best works for you. ASHTON MANUAL download advised also.