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Thank you so much for writing! You inspire me and give me hope.
I visited the doctor who prescribed Clonazapam. I too am your age and I took this DRUG for decades. I am dependent (rather than addicted) to it. Is there a difference?!!
(I now have mild cognitive impairment.) He is referring me to a psychiatrist who will manage the the ongoing decrease in taking this drug… a neurologist has already prescribed a med that lessens the loss of memory..Escitalopram.

I considered what the consequences should be for a well meaning doctor who prescribed a medication that affects memory and mood!!
I also asked myself! .. why did I not read the pharmaceutical info!!

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I know what you mean Helen! I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic for 30 years. My physchiatrist and GP never warned me about the danger of these drugs. Never! I should have researched myself but did well for 30 years. The Xanax completely turned on me and the Paxil quit working. I wound up in the hospital for 3 days. Couldn’t eat or sleep. Just cry. Now I’m in a mess . My physchiatrist of 25 plus years totally abandoned me and I had to find a new doctor to help me out of this nightmare. I’m trying to figure out what to do about my physchiatrist, just don’t have the energy to deal with it yet.

I have taken for decades also.

You asked yourself………….."why did I not read the pharmaceutical info!!"

We have ALL opened up the massive pharmaceutical information included with a new drug and attempted to understand. How many of us can raise our hands and say I read it. I understood every word. I feel very educated about this drug now and have no more apprehension about taking it. (If, by chance, you are a doctor………put your hand down!) All I know FOR SURE is that when I get home from seeing the doctor, if Ive been given a new medication, I have to Google the damn stuff.
You also asked if there is a difference between being "addicted," "dependent," or "tolerant," with regards to benzo's. This can be a REAL can of worms to open at a party. Lots of opinions out there. I'm 71 and have been on Xanax for YEARS. This Autumn I will start seeing a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to begin the arduous journey of tapering off. I also consider myself dependent. In all the years I've taken Xanax, I've only increased my dose by a total of 1mg. If I was "addicted," I'd be taking a much larger dose to try and keep having the "good feeling" I use to get when I first started. I'm not looking forward to the withdrawal process and I wish to hell the doctor who started me on this drug had read the part that says "THIS DRUG SHOULD ONLY BE USED ON A SHORT TERM BASIS." Good luck to anyone who didn't know the truth about these drugs but is sure paying the price now. Does anybody know if there is a "withdrawal" group on here? I'd sure like to go through my quit with some friends.