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My goodness, please be positive on the tapering of benzos . I recently got off ambien for sleep, tapered off an anti anxiety med and have previously gotten off klonopin from a rather high dose. I'm 75 and have taken these meds for 45 years. And gotten off successfully. Even had ECT and no side effects. Sure, everyone is different, but I've been around long enough to see some amazing things people can do. Sometimes it's a trial and error thing, but life itself is trial and error, don't you think?

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So happy to hear this! I’m 67 and a nervous wreck. How did you do it? I’ll be starting a taper from Xanax. My doctor now has me on Valium as it’s easier to taper from. Are you taking any meds now? Did you take anything during your taper? I know I have a lot of questions if you don’t mind!


I too have been on Benzos for over 35 years. Great to hear your story. Will start my taper soon.

Big congratulations!

Did you taper?

These posts are giving ME hope. I am close to your ages...and have been on Xanax for 30 yrs., right now I am on .05 mg. twice a day, so 1 mg. total. I'm scared, but would like to be tapered off...I was prescribed Xanax in the beginning, because a Dr. had given me a med that CAUSED panic attacks...and shoot, I cannot even remember what that med was! All I know is that when I went back to him, he wanted to DOUBLE the dose. I walked out & never went back. The next dr. was no better (and a friend referred him to me)...he prescribed Xanax to me, in huge doses....he would tell me to take more if I needed it, if I couldn't sleep, take MORE...later found out he was prescribing like this to other women.....for our 'nerves'.....he did this to have 'customers'...US. It was horrible...many became addicted, as I did....when he'd gotten enough customers & made enough money, he opened up his own practice. I called before he left to ask him to please help me wean off this stuff.... he didn't. He prescribed a med that he called a 'maintenance' drug....to take once a day. I can't even remember that name....it was so many yrs. ago, but was horrendous. I threw it away and went through a very scary withdrawal. I made it, though....and found another dr., she was wonderful. I was an emotional mess from what the last dr. did to me....I know many will say, well...you should have been smarter, but I trusted him. And I paid dearly, NEVER again. My new dr. knew I needed something to calm me....she prescribed the amt. I take now, 1 mg. daily. I would love to be on NOTHING. I also take Zoloft and don't see much improvement on that. My dr. retired, I see a new one on Jan. 10th & a cardiologist on Jan. 29th. God, when we get older is that our life lol? Dr. appointments?! I want to taper off, though....and will be following this. I can't go cold turkey...even tho it's a low dose. Thank you for giving ME some hope.