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Autoimmune mystery

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Hello @ljr316, Welcome to Connect. I wasn't familiar with serum sickness and did a search of Connect and found another member had discussed serum sickness in a post. I'm hoping @3les54 will be able to share what they have learned about serum sickness with you. It's good that you are asking questions and learning as much as you can about the condition. Here are a few articles that may be helpful.

NIH – Serum Sickness — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK538312/

Serum Sickness – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

@ljr316 has your doctor suggested any treatments?

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I think I have encephalitis but had a normal mri. Just like susanah, from brain on fire.
Posted this by the way.. This is how I feel
Right now I'm in crisis zone to be honest😭
I have chronic pain everywhere that's getting worse and worse every day and every hour, also including my sickness too.
I can barely type because I don't have the strength and it hurts.
I can't sit up or hold my head and neck up and went from walking too not even being able to sit up etc in a short amount of time..
I have visual and auditory hallucinations that cause me to freak out
I'm moody and sometimes aggressive and uncontrollable and now can't stop swearing
My memory is progressively getting worse and so is my mood and mental health
Frequently crying
Lack off sleep but on zopiclone
No meds working
Incontinent with number 2
Had to have a catheter because I can't go for a wee
Random shaking
Painful eyes and barely have the energy too open them. Painful when shut too
Can't talk properly and forgetting what I say.
Feeling unusually hot, yet normal temperature
Possible seizures
Fainted several times
Loose more and more energy every day
Technically mute or selectively mute. Get angry every time I talk
Uncontrollable anger
Not feeling safe
Feel invisible
No patience
Getting angry at anything and anyone
Sensitive to light
Amplified senses
Neck pain
Unstable in dark when I could walk
Third time I can't walk and every time gets worse
Intense internal itching down below
Severe depression
Rare chromosome deletion called 2q37.3
Bpd (supposedly)
Ahlos-danlos syndrome
Neorologist did reflex tests and found my reflexes over working because my right leg suddenly started shaking. He thought it was the link between my legs and brain weren't working properly.
Normal mri

I'm at loss with these symptoms and I'm seriously at crisis point as I can't deal anymore. 😭
I thought I had encephalitis, but not looking like it now 😑..

They now think its a mitochondrial problem… Don't think so though 🙁