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Autoimmune mystery

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Thank you for sharing your journey, your insights and your observations. We are optimistic by nature and are adept at adjusting to new circumstances. Right now we have good days and bad days, with the latter prevailing 4/1. Indigestion (stomach burn) subdues her appetite, sometimes to 0. Liquid calorie intake every other day is 700-1400 per day...no solids. The weakness is hard for her to take (4 months ago we hiked Canyon de Chelly top to bottom and back, and three months ago she was a hyper-charged AP teacher and ACADEC coach). Keeping her spirits up is a challenge, but I am good at pep talks. Thanks for the reading suggestions. I will order right away.

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Replies to "Thank you for sharing your journey, your insights and your observations. We are optimistic by nature..."

I’m so glad to hear that! So am I. It took some time and my surrendering to the reality of my situation and reading books that were gifted to me at the right time, to return to my natural, optimistic state.

I really do understand what your wife is experiencing, though our symptoms differ. Prior to the onset of my challenge, I was full of vitality and energy. I was a marathoner and enjoyed HIIT activities and long hikes (10-20 miles) in nature.

Mindfulness, meditation and restorative yoga have helped me both accept what is and work toward what I envision for the future. Of course, i have had to learn real patience.

I still give myself time to feel the anger, disappointment, etc. But I set limits; I refuse to remain in a negative mindset. It takes up too much of my limited energy and hinders healing. Another great book for later is Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. He was on the cutting edge of stem cell and epigenetic research.