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@azkidney57 Stress and anxiety are not our best friends, in fact I hesitate to call them friends at all. "With friends like that, who needs enemies", right? Like you I am pretty reserved, and to be vulnerable as we march through a scary situation, looking to count on/lean on someone, is terrifying. But I have learned that it is okay to be a bit vulnerable. I do not wear my latest cancer on my sleeve, but have let a few people know, and recovering from last week's biopsy [with complications], I found it okay to limit myself and activities. I am me, a person, not this cancer. I won't let it dictate my life, my activities, my dreams. While it may not have a real good outcome, for today I am here and making plans. You have to, to avoid falling further into anxiety or depression. Stick around here at the cyber-table with us! You're worth it. Each day can be a challenge, while being a blessing. Go for it!

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Ginger, thank you for your reply. I am trying not to let my stress get the best of me. I do become anxious when something new crops up concerning my health. I have never been this way before. Now that I have a “cancer diagnosis” I am stressed out about my health! That is a normal response! My cancer center wants to have me see a psychiatrist for medication to help with my anxiety. Also, they feel I need “coping skills”. I am debating whether to take them up on their offer. I have an appointment with the oncologist this coming week. I will let him know what my expectations are as a patient . I will be reasonable of course. I will have an ultrasound to check out my liver lesion. No one seems to be too impressed with it. My doctors nurse told me I am more “anxious” than the average patient. I am being “labeled”. I realize there are many patients and I am under “surveillance” but they still need to meet my “needs”. I am the “client”. No one really explained the ground rules to me! I don’t intend to sit around and wait for other people to respond! I will aggressively advocate for myself and in so doing I figure it will help other patients. I have “rights” as a patient. I will be writing a carefully worded letter to the cancer centers “administrator”. My care hasn’t been all bad. I will give credit where it is do. I just feel better response time after scans is needed for all Surveillance patients! I will never wait a week for results! I found out my results were available 2 days after they were done. Thanks to Colleen I now know what a “lucent lesion” is. I learn something new all the time! Thanks again Ginger for sharing your thoughts it really helps me put things in perspective! 😊