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Hi Ginger the voice of reason. I must admit I did freak out when I was told I have a leision. They think it’s a complex cyst. I never spoke to my cancer center. My PCP office called me and a nurse told me I need to have an ultrasound to check out this leision/ mass/ cyst! I am just tired of not being a “healthy” person anymore. It’s like my body has betrayed me. That’s how I feel. My anxiety stems from not speaking to anyone about my concerns. It feels as if no one cares! I feel alone. Today a nurse called me from the cancer center asking me how I was. I told her I was frustrated with the “system” the medical treadmill patients are made to run. She told me I was anxious. Yes I am I replied. I have an appointment to see my oncologist next week. So this is the reality of surveillance. Just a waiting game. I wish I could be “doing” something to help myself! So I have been labeled as more anxious than the average patient. My cancer center wants me to see a social worker. As I see it I will be living my life in 4 month intervals. This “interval” I am cancer free maybe. Unless I have a liver cancer/ tumor. Next interval who knows! The more scans the more “stuff” wrong they find. I didn’t sign up for this! I need to find how to live with my new reality!

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Dear @azkidney57, I just made myself a steaming cup of magnificent herbal tea. It's a lovely mixture of mint and ginger. Can you imagine for a minute that I just set a big mug of it in front of you? Now, as we sit together, let's put the news you've received into manageable boxes and open one at a time.

Being a patient is a big job. It's not one you applied for and certainly not one you wanted. But it is the most important one you have right now. You can do this.

Your body has betrayed you. It's okay to feel that way. But it's your body and you're going to take care of it and love it, even if it betrayed you. Right?

Yes, scans cause anxiety. But they also give you and your team very valuable information to know what actions need to be taken. Lucency is a technical term for an area that lets X-rays through the tissue and as a result appears darker on the picture. On a CT scan, lucent lesion in the kidney indicates an area of a different density from the surrounding tissue. The technician reading your scans suspects that this lesion might be complex cyst, but more testing will be required to confirm the suspicion and to determine whether the lesion is benign or not. Simple and complex cysts are very common. Here's more information:

Information may make you worry. But it can also help equip you. With this information, you can ask informed questions of your care team. You know that this needs followup, so you will make sure that happens.

Of course, you are anxious. And that's okay. It's an absolutely normal response to getting scary news and being faced with the unknown. No, you have not been labeled as more anxious than the average patient. Anxiety and cancer are best friends with each other (unfortunately). One rarely goes without the other. It's NORMAL. The good news is that your cancer center can offer you help. They have social workers. I strongly suggest you see a social worker. They are amazing and should be a part of every cancer patient's team.

I hope that talking with members here on Connect can help with the times in between doctor visits. We do care! Let me know when you're ready for another cup of tea. Okay?