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My bronchiectasis specialist is leaving!

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colleenyoung and rits My pulmonologist is in Rochester Mn (10 hours from here). I have some MAC, but he has chosen thus far to not treat. He feels if we can rid the pseudomonas that perhaps the MAC will not cause any trouble. I've been on tobramycin for 8 months and more recently cipro for 14 days -- which I finish tomorrow. As I'm writing this, my cough has lessened considerably in the past 3 days but I'm just hoping it isn't a short break and will return soon. It's been a hard session. In February my sputum tests came back with "many" MAC -- after being on toby for 7 months did another test and it came back "few MAC"..... so I'm feeling perhaps the pseudomonas is the bigger problem right now. So hoping I can avoid the Big Three. I'll be anxious to know how you feel about your next specialist ----- I'm going to see one closer to me in about a month. Not giving up the one in Rochester (Mayo's) but hoping to find someone a little closer in case of emergency. I oftentimes feel like I need some encouragement but am sure many others feel the same. Let us know how you do.

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Thanks annie. Dr Mcshane is very optimistic and has often told me to call her if I'm feeling low for encouragement. She is very special and I wish she were going to Mayo which is about 8 hours from here by car. Certainly doable! Flying to Texas. Arggggg!

@auntnanny, Hi Jan! Just a heads up, tobramycin will sometimes kill both pseudo and mac. Are you still doing your inhaled saline treatments?