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rits (@rits)

My bronchiectasis specialist is leaving!

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@rits, I can imagine that you feel like the bottom just fell out. It is hard to lose a trusted specialist, especially when there are so few MAC expert around. @windwalker can relate. She also had to change specialists, I believe due to retirement. I'm also tagging a few other member, who I think might travel to get MAC care, like @macjane @auntnanny @irene5 @jkiemen @tdrell @ling123.

@rits, will you need to travel to Texas to become a patient at Tyler? Do they have a patient portal?

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Thanks Colleen! I'm not familiar at all with Tyler but I'm sure they have mychart or another patient contact venue. I will know more when I see Dr Mcshane in January. She said she is going to figure out how it will work long distance. Luckily she has a close working relationship with my general pulmonologist at U of Chicago.

@rits….I live in Wisconsin and went to NJH in Denver 3 years ago for second opinion. I still have pulmonologist locally for the sleep apnea confirmed at NJH and routine bronchitis that occurs. I went thru the 10 day battery of tests at NJH and was told I did not require NTM medications ( which local ID Dr was ready to start]. I went back once a year to NJH for follow up….usually takes half a day….last year was told next appt in 18 months. I would check out weather in Texas…..all 3 times in January I had blizzards and ice on roads in Denver. You would have advantage that Dr McShane knows you and your clinical situation. Another thought I have….navigating the physical building in Texas….I was from Chicago and visited near the Un of Chicago Hospitals….if you navigated that…..you can navigate ANYWhere….Terri from @tdrell