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Foot neuropathy: What gives you relief?

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@katrina I hope I clicked on the right name. I have a hard time texting on my phone.

I have small fiber idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, with burning pain and sharp shocks anywhere from my knees to my feet. I have had some pretty good days since I started taking Imipramine six weeks ago. But as soon as I lie down they have burning pain. Strange. I'm sitting in the exam room waiting for the pain specialist, and I plan to ask him about it.


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That’s what’s happening to me(only after several hours). Please let me know what you find out. Thank You

I have the same thing. I notice when I do house work & are moving around I feel better but once I sit down the pain starts & doesn't go away. I am on 500 mg of Gabapentin & taking Cymbalta & they keep increasing the Gabapentin & it helps for a week & then the pain is back. I give up & I am not going to increase it anymore. Do you have to keep increasing the Imipramine like you do Gabapentin? I'm at my witts end & don't know what to do. Can this condition make your blood pressure rise? Mine has been going up & i do take meds for that. I have no idea how I got this but I do have back problems with the disks & was in a car wreck 10 years ago. I guess there is no way of knowing for sure. Please let me know if the Imiprinine helps? Thank you. best of luck to you. Genie