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Foot neuropathy: What gives you relief?

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@stuckonu Thanks for this suggestion of home remedies . ONe I have for my neuropathy and arthritis in my feet is I soak them in Epsom salts bath make the water as hot as you can stand . Magnesium is good for the whole body feet included . Besides relaxing the feet it helps with neuropathy along with just stretching the toes.

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Thank You, will try

Yes, good point about the Magnesium - and the Epsom Salt Bath Soaks - I go full-body, either lavender or eucalyptus depending on time of day and worst/overall most prevalent type of pain - level- sensation...

In addition to Magnesium helping with the SFpN or any other Neuropathy, a former pain specialist- neurologist alerted me that Magnesium is also associated with Migraines (mine are Chronic Hemiplegic Migraines, but any and all are linked to a reduction in pain and length - as well as reduced onset - with the benefits of Magnesium... but don't get me wrong - I still have to go for my injections and take two types of migraine meds: abortives, both of them).

Last note here in case it is useful: one of my speciliaists and. Ican't recall which - prescribed me a vitamin B complex that I would administer each month as a shot -- and this, too, help in the severity of the migraines and the SFpN.

Oh! Apologies: whateveris in the vitamin compound called 'Cortisol Manager' is an excellent option if you have coterminous diagnoses that are linked to the changes in barometric pressure or humidity or temperature, AND

ALL of the ABOVE help to Combat STRESS impact on the severity of symptoms. For what it's worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All the Best, Everyone,

NMM (Nicole Marie)

What type of Magnesium? There's 10 different kinds.