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Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you might still be a bit bitter about your late husbands doctor comment. I am a former Mental Health Executive Director and realize all of the ramifications of HIPPA. My son is not in a mental state needing facility care and he does come out to our home and stay a few nights at a time, but he has a nice home and cat that he doesn't want to be away from. My concern was that he needs nutrition to rebound from the radiation/chemo, Wishing you Peace.

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I am so glad you are in a position to understand your son's needs and how to achieve them. I hope he is willing to cooperate with your concerns for his health and accept some help with his care. I am not angry with doctors, but regret terribly that I could never get past my husband's stubbornness and refusal to cooperate in getting the necessary treatment he needed. I now realize that I lived with it for 50 years and recognized that he had dementia for at least fifteen years and nearly lost the family business before his death. We are financially recovered now but I managed to stick to my marriage vows and not leave an impossible situation even though professional counselors advised I do so. I don't blame the doctor for his comment. My son finally admitted his father wrote on his admittance paper that he was married but living separately, which was a lie. Long story. I am hoping for the best for you. Dorisena

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