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@cindiwass If you are well and of sound mind then you should not ever consider yourself to be too old. I and my siblings have all outlived the ages at which my parents passed away. Personally, I do not want to ever have to be totally dependent on others but I hope to live as long as I can be sound and live life well. I go to a water aerobics class and some of the people there are in their mid-80s and doing great.
I will be looking forward to hearing how the results of the tests you will be having.

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Thank you. I tend to be very cautious (in my old age) about medical treatments. I, too, sometimes go to a water aerobics class, I am happy there is one in my area. Just to let you know, where I was a teenager my mother sent me to a dermatologist because I had a little bit (not a lot) of acne. And he gave me that x-ray treatment, rotating an x-ray instrument all over my face. I had several treatments. I learned lately that is a indicator for greater chance of thyroid cancer later on. I also had many, many x-rays without protection for my teeth. Years ago they didn't use protective covering when taking x-rays of teeth. I will certainly let you know what the next doctor tells me. I will most likely allow the US exam for the nearby glands to be given to me, but I just wonder how dangerous those US scans are. I've had two already on my thyroid, and one iodine pill uptake.

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