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I think you are thinking well. I am living pretty well without my thyroid but I'll admit it is not perfect. Nothing in my body is working perfectly. As you say, "oh, well". My mind is still keeping me going. I played three pieces at church yesterday. Dorisena

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This conversation is making me wonder why I wasn't tested for cancer before thyroid surgery eight years ago. How did they decide it was cancer in my case, or did they just assume? I had breast cancer lumpectomy six years before the thyroid surgery. Then I had radiation which burned my skin but they continued to finish the 42 radiation treatments. Did the radiation cause the thyroid growths? Of course, they would never admit that, because when I studied the brain tumor treatments I learned that some patients had terrible brain relapses six months after brain radiation and the doctors said the radiation didn't cause the relapses. I know they are trying to save our lives, but it seems every treatment is a risk of some sort. I have the protective cover put on my neck when I have x-rays at the dentist. They give me antibiotics when they clean my teeth because of my knee replacement surgeries. I have been told not to eat soy because of a test I had. Now I am reading about foods that are considered anti-cancer foods. It is quite a job keeping up with the medical science. Dorisena

Glad to hear your mind is still going. So is mine, and honestly, it gets better with age. But I know despite all mankind's efforts, the cure is in God's hands.

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