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First of all, at this age, how much longer do you wish to live? It sounds like a harsh question, but you seem to be a practical person. My understanding of the word "benign" is that it could also mean "precancerous" because a growth is a DNA change, and a growth continues to grow and it can change to become cancerous, or not, Get a second opinion and study the information. It is difficult to decide the best steps to take in some cases. We are all different but we support you in your journey and we can relate our experiences. I never had tests, just surgery so I can't recommend anything. Dorisena

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I really don't think you asked a harsh question, I've been going over that myself. I'd like to keep living, but I can't believe I reached this age anyway. So it's a good question. Do I take the treatment and hope I keep living longer than if I didn't take the treatment, or do I not take the treatment. I guess the first step would be to take a fine needle aspiration. If that comes up with cancer cells, then I know it should come out. As it was explained to me, if that comes up w/cancer cells, they will take the whole thyroid out. (oh, well…)

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