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@retiredteacher Any time I ask my doctor about anything to do with diabetes, he tells me to talk to Dee, the nurse practitioner. She is also a diabetic. She tells the doctor what he needs to do to keep Medicare happy. She has me on an insulin pump and just started me on a CGM. She is the one who adjusts my insulin dosages. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing and I trust her to do what's best for me. (And by the way, my exercise program fell apart also. Really need to get back at it!)

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Hi @marvinjsturing, I agree that Nurse Practitioners can be just great. They are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise, it is easier to see them than to see a doctor and they take a lot of time. They always consult with the physician about their patients so you are still getting the benefit of a doctor when you see an NP.

@marvinjsturing I don't know how I lost control. When my feet gave out, I gradually went down hill. I had my husband put the treadmill in storage because I could hardly walk to the kitchen. I have been angry at myself for all of this. It's not like me; I've always been in control and strict with myself. I just gave up. I ignored my diet and said that if I die earlier or later, it doesn't matter. I've been trying to turn myself around and re-think the pros and cons. I finally decided to have my husband put the treadmill back in the house. I have to do it, even if only fifteen minutes a day. It helps and exercise is a key ingredient for diabetes. My numbers have been off the chart. My endocrinologist retired, so I didn't have to be accountable and quit everything. Now I feel more mad than ever for treating myself that way. I am going to start again today. I have diabetes and arthritis and neuropathy and fibromyalgia. That's too much for me because I was never a sickly person until I had to retire. I never saw it coming. But I have to take back myself and start again. Like before, if I begin today, by January 2020, I'll be ahead of all the exercise/gym people who do it a week or two because they made a resolution on New Years. My New Year starts today! Come along with me--just fifteen minutes.