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Just to let you know I haven't been exercising for close to a month and have been eating too many carbs. I was shocked that my numbers were so low. I have purchased DVD exercise videos from Grow Young Fitness. Most of them are chair exercises or standing next to a chair. There are several DVD's that he makes that works on core, balance, cardio and yoga. I have not used them all yet but what I've used are very good. Not outrageously priced either. I ignore all of his supplements, drinks, etc. It's just an idea. Tai Chi would also be something good to do. I don't know if there is a chair one. Nobody is perfect. If we fall of the wagon, we crawl back up and start over. This site is the best!! I've had more encouragement from you guys than any family or friends. A big thank you for all of the support!! You are keeping me on track. I'm back to exercising, and my food journal. Blessings to all of you.

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Hello @kateia, I'm glad that you brought up the idea of chair exercises. If you don't want to buy a DVD, there are a lot of chair exercises on Youtube that you can watch for free. Here is a link to some of those


I'm sure that everyone can find one video that will help to get moving without being harshly aerobic. They are great when you are recovering from surgery or an injury.

Here is one that looks especially gentle, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaYDK_LH_uk&t=7s.

Remember you only have to do the exercises that feel good, for example, if you have leg or foot discomfort, just do the upper arm exercises, etc.