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@conyentandwell I agree. I don't know what a nurse practioner can do, but I don't think I would consider a med prescribed by one. I'll have to get back to my diet, but I need exercise, and that's not possible. I can't sleep at night because my feet hurt so bad. I am afraid I am going to fall when I walk, so a treadmill is out. I've seen foot pedaling type or vibration/massage type for feet, but don't know if they work. I need a whole body workout—–from top to feet to really exercise. What a conundrum. I never thought I'd be in this fix.

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@retiredteacher I tend to want to see the doctor too, not an NP, but I have seen a couple of pretty good ARNPs.

There are chair exercises, that would be better than nothing. I know the feeling, when I couldn’t exercise I was worried that I’d never be able to get back to it again.

@kateia has some great ideas. That book might be worthwhile to get. Kateia, are these exercises advertised by the young, blonde guy on the internet? They are not all chair exercises, right? Does he have exercises for osteoporosis?

@retiredteacher Any time I ask my doctor about anything to do with diabetes, he tells me to talk to Dee, the nurse practitioner. She is also a diabetic. She tells the doctor what he needs to do to keep Medicare happy. She has me on an insulin pump and just started me on a CGM. She is the one who adjusts my insulin dosages. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing and I trust her to do what's best for me. (And by the way, my exercise program fell apart also. Really need to get back at it!)