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I don’t know if some of you watch Brain on fire last night abot a news reporter suzaahn Calah. I know l probably spelling her name wrong. But it was such a familiar incounter. It was like l was looking in a mirror seeing myself an how her jounary and mines was just alike. How she talked about fear, and knowing something is wrong but no one can see at first but only her family knew she wasn’t making it up. I brought the book and as l was reading about the numbness on her left side and how they thought it was a stroke. I said wow that was the same thing and l still feel that numbness. And how she would cry. That also was the same. I would cry in church, l would cry at night and still do. I was never one to cry. I thought l was very weird not to have emotions even when my father died. And when she talked about being unsteady and falling. Same here. And then she spoke about feeling like she was out of her body. Nailed it. Now l go sometimes in the grocery store and l just can’t understand where l am. People look so far away from me. It like out of body out of mine. Well that sounds psychotiac and l thought that too. When she went to the psychiatrist and the neurologist and all the test and the notes were all the same. And l know they do that because they have to find out how to diagnosis you and what test to run. But even down to the medicines she was taking, l am taking the same except the antidepressant which l am no longer on. And she spoke about when she was being tested she saw three psychiatrist. Well join the club l will see my third one when l go back to the Mayo clinic. And l will also be seeing my third psychiatrist. Before l watched the program l faxed my general practice doctor because he never believed me. I was told by everyone to fire him but l don’t know why God is saying to do that. Maybe its to educate him and also all the doctors that didn’t believe me. She said sometimes everything was fine and the next time it started all over again. I told all my dearest friends at church to watch it because l know they saw the difference in me when wasn’t aware of it myself. So when l go back to the Mayo clinic l am waiting to see what’s next because the neurologist already said if everything comes back normal you would have to deal with it. I thought that was strange l never heard anyone say that. And if your not a neurologist who specializes in that area of medicine you will never pickup the signs or know what to do. Very interesting that God pit the answer right there that l knew all the time l was misdiagnosed and not being heard. So awesome!!!

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@techi – I moved your post here where members were talking about similar neurologic symptoms. Hoping @jair19 @tjp4 @jenniferhunter @timsdeece may have some thoughts on the Brain on Fire program, if they've seen it, or perhaps relate to experiencing fear and feeling like doctors and others think you are making up your symptoms.

How are you feeling today, @techi?

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