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Wow – that is a lot of information! Thank you! I will look into those things. Thank you for all the links. I know they have tested my thyroid (in my blood) over several years, and the numbers are always around the same range, so right now they aren’t any different from my normal, but I could ask my doctor about different screenings.

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@jair19 You are welcome. Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully, there is a solution in something there for you. My doctor tests for T3 and T4 and reverse T3 for thyroid. That gives a better picture of what the thyroid is doing or not doing. You will need to advocate for yourself and get other opinions if your doctors are not finding answers for you. Not all doctors are familiar with MFR, I don't know if you need a script to see a physical therapist. In some states, patients can get an evaluation from a PT without a script, and then require a script to have insurance accept treatment for payments for the therapy. Call the therapist that you are considering working with and ask questions about insurance coverage and about what kind of treatment they can do for your conditions. My therapist is an expert level in John Barnes methods. If you don't find someone in your area, you can call Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, AZ and ask for names of therapists who have trained there. http://therapyontherocks.net/ If you do start with MFR therapy, I hope you'll share your progress in the Connect MFR discussion. I have learned a lot from my physical therapist as you can probably tell by the information that I've shared. Good luck!

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